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Transforming Communities

About Mower's Ark

Our Mission


Sharing the love of God. Transforming Lives. Serving Communities.


Mower’s Ark is a Christian Ministry created to love and serve those with learning disabilities, and to transform local communities by showing the practical love of Jesus.

Our Vision


Our vision is a society where people with learning disabilities are valuable members of the community. We aim to make this happen by providing person-centered, enriching and motivating work experiences that serve the local community and share the love of God.

Specialist Day Service


Mower’s Ark provide highly specialised and personalised day services to individuals with learning disabilities in Northamptonshire. Mower’s Ark provide Person Centred Planning and are able to support individuals with complex care and support needs.



Mower's Ark offers a wide range of enriching activities with a focus on serving the community of Northamptonshire.  Service users who attend Mower's Ark will spend part of their week in tailored work placements which benefit others.  Mower's Ark has a focus on outdoor activities that develop health & wellbeing.

Serving the Community


Here at Mower's Ark we understand that everybody needs a little help at some point.

We want to offer the people we support the opportunity to find meaningfulness in serving others.

Mower's Ark provides free horticultural and garden maintenance services to eligible groups and individuals.



We, at Mower's Ark want to transform our community with beautiful outdoors spaces.

Mower's Ark understands how a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle increases health and wellbeing.  Our services gives service users real life, meaningful work opportunities that develops their vocational skills and builds self-esteem.


Mower's Ark CIC

We would love to help in your garden.  Give us a call on 07447 101015 or email on, we can't wait to meet you!